CeCe Winans

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She is arguably gospel music’s greatest singer ever. Raised up through the legendary lineage of her mega-musical family tree, Priscilla “CeCe” Winans was born in Detroit during Motown’s heyday. Though the historic record company was making massive strides in the racial integration of pop music, Mom and Pop Winans filled their home with solely spiritual music—tuning the ten Winans siblings’ ears to the contemporary soul strains prescribed by the gospel music giants of the era like Andrae Crouch and Rance Allen.

Deeply influencing her own sonic trajectory, CeCe, in duet with her brother, BeBe, forged a chart-topping career in the predominantly white Christian music world in the 1980’s with their smooth grooves and easy listening harmonies, before diving headlong into mainstream soul circles with their platinum-selling R&B vocal mastery in the early 1990’s. By the end of the same decade, the GRAMMY-winning songstress had made a formidable career out of a string of best-selling solo records, cementing her place in gospel music history forever.